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Duke City Donuts is proud to announce

New Mexico Pinion Coffee as our premier

Coffee Roaster.....


Duke City Donuts Featured In Rachael Ray

Magazine. "Hole Lotta Love"


++++++++ Opening At 6AM Starting ++++++++

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ January 7, 2013 ///////////////////////////


Duke City Donuts Invited By Food Network TV.

My whole life we have aspired to have our business be on the

Food Network. When I first started business I would imagine that

Alton Brown would come gliding in on his motorcycle and pay us

a visit, or maybe we would have a visit fom Paula Deen and be

recognized for our wonderful pastries or chocolates. Well we have

received that recognition... Sort of.

Food network TV has invited DCD to be 1 of of 9 teams to come to

Canada and compete in “Donut Showdown”. A new series taping

for the Food Network in the same basic format as Cupcake wars,

and so many other food drama shows.

We will decorate our sweets with edible glitter, this is an amazing find - both beautiful and tasty.

I watch the food channels often, when one of the shows like

Chopped, Cupcake Wars, or Iron Chef come on I immediately catch

myself changing the station. There is something about many of the

finest in their culinary field being judged as the “Best.” That does

not sit well with me. It is simply a matter of individual taste and is

totally subjective.

Our team has spent hours and even days perfecting a certain flavor

or receipe. Drama shows give you minutes to create and prepare.

Each receipe is a blending of specific flavors and brands most of

which are not in the old Food Network pantry.

Alas, we have declined Food Network's invitation and our goal to

be recognized for our sweet treats has been left unfullfilled. For

the customers however, this is good news for we will continue

striving toward our goal.

Duke City Donuts Team


We are a Local Business

We manufacture our own: caramel, chocolates, toffee, icings, pralines,

barks, doughs, fillings, brittles, candies, etc. to control our quality.

We utilize fresh local ingredients whenever possible.

We support local business and charities.

We appreciate our customers. If you are not happy, we will do our best

to meet your expectations.


We are proud to announce that Duke City was awarded a Hot Plate

Award for 2012 by Albuquerque the Magazine


"Duke City Donuts" serving fresh raised and cake donuts

7 days a week, your source for Albuquerque pastries ,

chocolates, popcorn, toffees, candies & brittles!!!!

HAPPY HOUR Tuesday-Friday 3pm-5pm 20% off Donuts!!!!


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