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About Us

Duke City Donuts is a fast, friendly donut and confection shop nestled in Albuquerque’s North East Heights. The Dame family has been producing mouthwatering treats for over thirteen years and has received praise from all over the city. When you enter Duke City Donuts the aroma tickles your taste buds and you are brought back to a time when quality came before quantity. Over twenty-five different kinds of donuts are offered every day including cake, raised, and flavored cake. But don’t let the name fool you donuts are not the only thing Duke City Donuts specializes in. They also have a large assortment of Gourmet Chocolates, Flavored Popcorn, and Brittles. So why not indulge? Please your tummy with a fresh treat from Duke City Donuts today…

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Rambling from the OLD GUY (who looks worse in his underwear than Homer).....

Everyone knows what their product is worth. We all have an idea of what it cost to make a donut, so why are we the best? Because we are able to go where shiny machines can only dream of and donut corporation board has deemed unprofitable and the donut artist has not been instructed. The donut was not invented by a machine. It was not built on an assembly line or designed in a corporate board room. The “Henry Ford mentality” does not exist at Duke City Donuts... You can have pastries and confections your way any color you want. Our donuts are created one by one by people with creativity and the ability to savor and experience what they produce.

Our donuts are not made days ago and left on racks to waste away. Our donuts are not for sale in gas stations, Quickly Marts, or at multiple locations around the city or the country. Our donuts are made fresh every morning.. They are sold at our single great location, Scottsdale Village.

Why “Only one location?”

Every company has a driving force. One or maybe two people whose energy is what controls the fundamental ideals of the business. Their ideas, their customer service attitude, their quality, have made their business great. Ask yourself how a business with a single force can be in more than one location at a time? Sure, you can appoint a leader. or two or three. Each with their own ideas and issues. You can even have a board room full of leaders. Discussing, debating, debunking, or even as I prefer to. Say "dehumanizing the the simple donut."

Every business knows what their product is worth ... I ponder How many realize what their customers are worth?