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Duke City Donuts Active in the Community

"Making Life Sweet Since 1998."

At Duke City Donuts Albuquerque Donut Shop, giving back to the community that has helped us become who we are today is one of our top priorities. From schools, to churches to charity groups, we help a wide variety of people. Over the years, we have tried to be involved with as many organizations as we can. We receive quite a few requests on a daily basis ranging from product donations and gift certificates to monetary contributions.  We read every single one of them. Please take this into consideration when submitting your request. While we can’t help everyone, we sure do try. Sometimes the demand is greater than our budget will allow. All requests mu st be recei ved in writing. Please do so in one of the following ways:

Mail it to us:

Duke City Donuts

3005 Eubank Ne

Albuquerque, NM 87111

Please include the following information on the organizations letterhead: A brief description of the event, Time and date, Expected number of attendees (if requesting product), A contact name, Telephone number and email address.

Request must be submitted in a timely manner to be considered. Please allow 10 days for us to process your request.

Duke City Donuts is Moving:

Duke City Donuts is proud to announce the building of a new, more convenient and larger location of sinful creations in the same shopping center at the entrance to Scottsdale Village off of Eubank. The new location will afford us the ability to create more confectionary delights.

Besides the Chocolates, donuts and pastries we will be adding fresh fruit and cream pies. We will also be replacing much of our donut fillings with fresh fillings during the seasonal availability. Our recently introduced cinnamon rolls have been a big hit as have our apple fritters. We hope to be able to seamlessly transition to our new location in the next few months. More information as it comes available. Meanwhile, why not let us know your ideas on new confections you would like to see at our store...

Our new location is 3005 Eubank NE. Located East of our old location in the front of Scottsdale Village.

Duke City Donuts Awarded Hot Plate Award By Albuquerque The Magazine.

Duke City Donuts was proud to accept the hot plate award from Albuquerque The Magazine for our donuts . Our pastries and confections have long been enjoyed by many in Albuquerque. It is especially rewarding when we are recognized for our superior product and unique Niche in the Albuquerque market. A special thanks to all those who participated and make this possible.