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Delicious Coffee Recipes for Students

If you are a student, you surely must know one way how to wake up in the morning easily. This way is super popular and effective. I’m talking about drinking a delicious coffee. Indeed, what can be better than drinking one cup of a refreshing coffee when you feel sleepy after awakening?
No doubt, this drink can make any morning better and add some necessary energy for the whole day. So, you won’t need any academic writing help to pass your assignments on time. Let’s review the best coffee recipes for students.


The first variant is a famous coffee drink, Latte. There is nothing complicated to make it. Only a few ingredients and 2-3 minutes are required. Sound great!
Latte consists of one espresso shot, one ounce of warm milk, some water, and sugar by taste. To serve it well, pour liquids in a glass cup by layers. The first layer is milk. The next one is coffee with sugar.


If you adore cold coffee drinks, Frappe will be perfect for you. It’s a delicious and tasty iced coffee drink that can save you from exhausting heat. To make it, you must have one espresso shot, one ounce of milk, sugar, and ice.
The secret of this drink is the way of preparing. To get a necessary consistency, you must put all the ingredients in a blender and mix them till foam. Serve it in a glass cup and add a straw.
This yummy cocktail will add some energy to do all the homework till past due. Consequently, the question, “Maybe someone can write my paper for me?” won’t appear in your mind.

Caramel Macchiato

As usual, all the trendy drinks are not that budget. If you go to a restaurant or a coffee shop, a good coffee drink may be costly. Well, you can make a cup of Caramel Macchiato by yourself. Be ready to spend 10 minutes.
First of all, you must take one espresso shot, one ounce of warm milk, two tablespoons of caramel syrup, one tablespoon of vanilla syrup. To make the drink, you must mix espresso, half of the milk, and caramel syrup. Then put another half of milk with vanilla syrup in a blender and mix them till the foam. Combine two parts in a glass and serve it.

Irish Coffee

The last one is a drink for real gourmet. People who drink Irish coffee has good taste. If you want to try this wonderful drink, prepare the following ingredients: one shot of espresso, one ounce of milk, some water, two tablespoons of Irish coffee syrup, sugar by taste.
To make this drink, you have to prepare a cup latte from the first recipe (see above) and add some Irish cream syrup. Super easy and delicious. You may taste it alone or treat your friends. They surely will appreciate it.
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Interesting Fact about Coffee

According to Harvard Health Publishing, moderate coffee consumption can increase a life span. However, do not overdose on it. If you drink over 30 cups of coffee in a very short time, you can get a lethal dose of caffeine. Three cups a day, on average, will be perfect.